Steph Curry injured in loss to Boston Celtics

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Steph Curry sustained injury in Golden State Warriors defeat to Boston Celtics.

Golden State Warrior star point guard Stephen Curry sustained an injury in loss to Boston Celtics last night.

The Warriors suffered 110-88 loss to Boston Celtics as they also lost Curry in the second half of the game.

Celtics’ Marcus Smart drove into Stephen Curry after the two were seen wrestling for a lost ball.

Warriors coach Steve Kerr was seen yelling out at Smart after the challenged as he believes it was a dangerous play.

“I thought it was a dangerous play,” Kerr said. “I thought Marcus dove into Steph, and that’s what I was upset about. A lot of respect for Marcus. He’s a hell of a player, a gamer, a competitor. I coached him in the World Cup a few summers ago. We talked after the game and we’re good. But I thought it was a dangerous play.”

Smart explained that he didn’t see Curry and was just going after the ball.

“I saw the ball, I dove for the ball, trying to make a play,” Smart said. “Unfortunately that occurred.”

He added: “I’m sure I’m going to get called dirty. But I know who I am. … I play very hard and I leave everything on the court. … My teammates, my colleagues, they know I’m not a dirty player.”

Warriors forward Draymond Green said he wasn’t willing to say Smart committed a “dirty play.”

“I’d expect Marcus Smart to make that play. He plays hard,” Green said. “I can’t call that a dirty play. As unfortunate as it is … maybe unnecessary, but that’s the most I can call it. Unnecessary. But I can’t call it a dirty play. The ball is on the floor. At every level of basketball we are taught to dive on the floor and go after the ball. That’s what Marcus did. So I can’t call it a dirty play. I will say it was probably an unnecessary dive.”

Curry’s injury comes just one game after the return of Green from a back injury that kept him out two and a half months. Between that game on Monday and Wednesday’s game, Curry, Green and Klay Thompson have played a total of just 11 minutes together this season. And the Warriors have yet to play a game with all five of their regular starters — Curry, Green, Thompson, Kevon Looney and Andrew Wiggins.

“Adversity hits everybody at any time, and you just roll with it and you keep moving forward,” Kerr said. “So hopefully Steph will be OK.”

Said Green: “I think any time you haven’t had the opportunity to play together, it’s a worry. Like we said before, it seems like every time we get someone back, someone else goes back. So it’s definitely a worry because one of the most important things on offense is continuity and consistency. And we haven’t been able to build that for the most part. So that is 100 percent a worry.”



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