Ten Hag: Lots of improvement need to be done

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Erik Ten Hag insists his Manchester United side still have lots of improvement to do despite getting a win against Crystal Palace.

Manchester United manager Erik Ten Hag insists his team needs to improve despite getting the third preseason win against Crystal Palace.

Anthony Martial, Jadon Sancho and Marcus Rashford goal fires gives United the victory against Patrick Vieira’s Crystal Palace.

Speaking after the game the former Ajax manager insisted that the team still need to improve ahead as they prepare ahead of the new season.

“I think it’s pre-season and we are happy with the improvement we see but also you see a lot of work to do,” explained the boss. “We scored some wonderful goals and that is also true.

“I agree [that we are winning the ball higher up in the field in dangerous positions] and that is also the demand on the team. We press all day and, if we can, do that high up the pitch. But if we can’t, we get to do that in a lower block but we also have to press and do it together as a team.”

Speaking about areas to improve Ten Hag says the timing of the press and also how they can avoid the switches of the opponent while pressing.

“The timing. When you start the press. For instance, I see still switches we can avoid and we can prepare a better press,” Ten Hag added.

“And I think, also on the ball, we play well but you see, in the end, when it’s 2-0 or 3-0 up, the belief is increasing. And then, also on the ball, we can delay and we can postpone and we can fight opponents so they come out and we can speed up.

“The 2-0 [goal], especially, was a great goal.”



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