Tyson Fury warn Dillian Whyte ahead of fight

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Tyson Fury has sent out warning to Dillian Whyte ahead of their fight at Wembley as he says he will appraoch the match with one hand at his back to show how good he is.

British heavyweight boxer Tyson Fury has sent warning to opponent Dillian Whyte ahead of their fight in Wembley.

The British duo will clash at Wembley on April 23 with Fury defending his WBC belt against Whyte.

Speaking ahead of the fight Fury stated that he will be more aggressive than ever against Dillian Whyte in the match.

“I’m going to try and come in the heaviest I’ve ever been,” Fury told Sky Sports News. “Biggest fight – so I’m going to be the heaviest, strongest, fittest, more aggressive than I’ve ever been.

“I’m looking for the knockout. No secret, there’s no point in me lying about game-plans. What I’m going to do, is I’m going to come straight to the centre of the ring, back him up and land big heavy punches on him until he’s knocked out.”

He added that the match will be a knock out either he knocks out Whyte or he get knock out in the clash.

“I think someone’s getting knocked out,” Fury said. “Whether it’s going to be me on the front foot or him on the back foot, someone’s getting chinned.

“Every heavyweight poses a threat because they’re all big men, they can all knock another man out. It’s something that I’m looking forward to, the challenge, if he can knock me out, good luck to him. If not, onto the next one.”

Fury further added that he will approach the match with one of his arm at the back to show how good he is and to also put on a show.

“I don’t specifically do training camps anymore because I train every day, twice a day, five days a week, once on a Saturday, whether I’m training for a fight or not,” Fury said.

“So I’m always ready for a fight, I’m ready to go now. I’m an ever-ready fighter. So they can never catch me off because I’m always in camp, always.

“I’ll train a little bit with one hand behind my back, because that’s how I’m going to approach the fight. I’ll be defending with one arm, just to put on a show, show them how good I really am. In this fight you’ll see me with one hand behind my back, that’s a promise.”





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