UEFA working on getting players out of Ukraine

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Aleksander Caferin has stated that UEFA is working on helping players and coaches out of Ukraine amid invasion from Russia.

The UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin has stated that the organization is working on moving players and coaches out of Ukraine.

It is no news that Ukraine is under invasion from Russia and lots of people have been killed in the war.

Speaking from the UEFA headquarter in Switzerland Ceferin stated that he has been on phone with players and coaches in other to help them leave Ukraine.

Speaking from UEFA’s headquarters in Switzerland, the European football chief said: “I was on the phone for 48 hours with players and coaches, foreign players and coaches, to help them leave Ukraine during the war.

“We spoke 24 hours a day and I asked all the governments for help, but nobody could help because nobody could guarantee safety. Everyone said they should stay there because it was the safest thing to do and I understand but we had to do it with the football association of Ukraine’s help and the neighbouring football associations.

“It is hard for me how tough, sad and hard those conversations were. One of those players who exited Ukraine came to my home two days ago, another was here today.

“I have photos of them with their families and children as young as four months with bombs outside. This is bigger than football. We have to work 24/7 to do our part. Our part is football part.

“Hard to say what happens tomorrow. We are all just hoping and praying the war stops. This madness must stop as soon as possible.”

UEFA and FIFA both bar Russia from participating in their competition and Ceferin has stated that he don’t know when the ban will be lifted.

“At this moment, impossible to say,” Ceferin said at the Financial Times Business of Football Summit.

“At this moment our decision was the only right decision, a unanimous decision from the executive directors of UEFA. What happens tomorrow, nobody knows.

“I cannot give you an answer. For now it stays like that and we are waiting for peace to come. Football will be the least important thing then.”




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