5 best premier league teams after match day 1

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Sportscliffs have come up with the 5 best team in the premier league after match day one.

The Premier League have given us a good thing in to talk about in the match day one of the competition.

Teams are showing they really want to contest in the English Premier League and giving themselves a perfect start to show for it.

There teams that have performed woefully in the beginning of this campaign and also some teams that has shown a bright side.

This article is written to show the 5 best teams in the Premier League after match day 1.

5 best premier league teams after match day 1

  1. Manchester City: The defending Champion are one of the best team in the Premier League after the match day 1 game. New signing Erling Haaland scored 2 goals to give the Etihad side a bright beginning away from home against West Ham United. Though many believe that Manchester City are a strong team and will not be a match for the London team, but that will not stop us from including them as one of the best team after the match day one game.

5 best premier league teams after match day 1

  1. Arsenal: The Gunners played first in the Premier League against Crystal Palace and they got the best result they can dream of. Mikel Arteta side defeated Patrick Vieira’s team in a London derby. Many thought it would be a very tough game for Arsenal because the Eagle give treat to big teams in the premier league. The Gunners got a win, a cleansheet and also a perfect game to start their campaign.

5 best premier league teams after match day 1

  1. Tottenham: The London team defeated Southampton 4-1 in the match day one of the Premier League after they went behind in the first half of the game. Goals from Sessegnon, Dier, Salisu and Kulusevski gave Antonio Conte’s men the perfect victory at home. Tottenham are the only team in the matchday one to score 4 goals.

5 best premier league teams after match day 1

  1. Brighton: This came as shock to some of the fans as they dominated the game against Manchester United at Old Trafford. The team defeated Manchester United 2-1 and destroyed the new era campaign agenda the Red Devil had. Brighton were impressive away from home and the rank the second best team in the match day one.

5 best premier league teams after match day 1

  1. Bournemouth: This just came back from the Championship and much was not expected from them in the League this season, The newly promoted side surprised their fans and caught Aston Villa off guard in their first game of the Premier League. Bournemouth got on with a perfect start following their 2-0 win over Steven Gerrard side. They indeed worth the first place because of they just came back to the Premier League.



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