America wants Premier League games played in the country

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New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy recently expressed a desire for Premier League games to be played in the United States. This interest was fueled by the tremendous success of the pre-season game between Manchester United and Arsenal at the MetLife Stadium, where an impressive 82,000 fans attended.

While discussions about organizing a 39th Premier League game abroad have surfaced before, they have consistently encountered resistance. However, Governor Murphy, who also serves as an executive for America’s bid to host the 2026 World Cup, is determined to explore the possibility of hosting a European fixture in the States as well. This move could potentially pave the way for more exciting football matches on American soil.

“We would die to have a real competitive game anywhere in America. To have a Champions League game in New York/New Jersey, it would be overwhelming,” he said.

“I know the clubs have not been wild about that in Europe. The guy who brought [the pre-season] game here [Charlie Stillitano], who is a good friend – over the years he has tried to do just that. It’s more what will the clubs from Europe want.

“But I would assume that United and Arsenal view this as a good brand: putting your best players out there, 82,000 fans in New York/New Jersey.

“You would have Barcelona playing Real Madrid in New Jersey at some point in a regular season or in a Champions League game. I’d love to think it would happen.

“I tell you what’s a good model, the NFL. As you all know, they play real games in Europe with great success. I’m a New England Patriots fan and they are playing the Indianapolis Colts in Frankfurt in November. The stadium is not that big, only 55,000 seats, and they had demand for 700,000 tickets.”

In 2008, Richard Scudamore’s plan for a 39th game of the season was met with very fierce resistance and was abandoned. Two years ago, fans forced a rethink from Premier League bosses when they attempted to pull away and form a European Super League.

“It’s going to be clubs and their fans [who decide], or maybe if there is a different configuration or a super league ever happens,” Murphy added. “I can say unequivocally, US fans would die to have a real competitive game anywhere in America. If it was in New York/New Jersey, you wouldn’t get near that game.”


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