Amir Khan insists on ending Kell Brook career

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Amir Khan insists on ending the career of Kell Brook when they meet has he claims he has a good game plan ahead of the fight.

Amir Khan has stated that he will not only try to hurt Kell Brook when they finally meet but insist he will end his career.

Khan further stated that he has great game plan going into this fight as he has been well prepared for Brook.

Speaking with Skysports Khan said: “I think it comes down to how hard you’ve worked and how hard I’ve worked going into this fight.

“Obviously with the great sparring, great game plan we have for this fight, I’m just going to go in there and hurt Kell, that’s what I want to do.

“I don’t want to go in there and just box him, I want to go in there to hurt him and to put him away.

“He’s already got smashed up eye sockets, he’s already been beaten, knocked out, this is the time now where I finish his career off so he never needs to look at boxing again.

“This is going to be a nice pay day for you, Kell Brook, so you get this pay day and walk away, leave the sport happy.”

Brook responded to Khan as he claims the reason the fight was finally made after a decade-and-beyond of bad blood was due to Khan’s lack of opportunities elsewhere.

“There’s no pay days left for you, that’s why you’ve taken it now,” said The Special One.

Khan’s most recent fight came three years ago in July 2019 when he stopped Billy Dibb in the fourth round of their clash in Saudi Arabia, while Brook returns to the ring for the first time since his fourth-round defeat to Terence Crawford in November 2020.

Brook recently explained how their long-term rivalry stems from early on in their careers, citing a lack of respect shown on Khan’s part upon both turning professional.

“It’s a long time coming for me, you’ll see,” said Brook. “He gets destroyed, he gets beat like I’ve been telling you for years.

“He’s never wanted this fight, it’s me that wanted this fight for the fans. “He’s always had it his own way, he’s not having it his own way.”

Brook insists the Olympic silver medalist had nowhere else to go, to which Khan has reminded his opponent it was his side that initiated the fight scheduled for Manchester.

“I sent my team to see yours to say ‘let’s make this fight happen’ so my team approached yours,” he said.

“You’ve been talking about it a long time, yes, but the main person that went and got it done was me. I sent my team to go and sit with your team. You’ve just been talking about the fight.”






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