Antonio Conte insists he is committed to Spurs

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Antonio Conte has stated that he is committed to the club following a recent outburst after Burnley defeat.

Tottenham manager Antonio Conte has stated that he is committed to the club following an outburst after the team defeat against Burnley.

He stated after the defeat that the club will need to assess him as he insists he is not the right person for the job.

Following a discussion with the Chairman of the club Daniel Lewy the Italian claims that the club are happy with his job.

“Our chairman Daniel Levy knows very well I am here to help the club and we will help the club until the end,” Conte said. “This is the reality, he knows this and he knows that we are working very hard.

“The club is very happy with my work, what I am doing with my staff. I am sure the club appreciates what we are doing. The problem is I am a perfectionist. When I lose I don’t stay so happy, this has helped me have success in my career.”

Speaking about his recent interview Conte appologise for the words he uttered stating that he is always emotional when he lose.

“For sure when I lose a game I am not the person to go and have a dinner,” Conte said. “I think that I am not the right person, when I lose a game my mood is very bad and I prefer to stay alone and live the defeat, to stay alone and metabolise the defeat.

“I need one day to recover at least. This is me. It is me. I don’t like to lose. If you ask me what I hate in life it is to lose games.

“My mentality is to prepare myself, to prepare the players and to avoid this type of situation. There are many coaches that don’t suffer. I wanted to be a little soft but at the same time to be this way makes me a person that in (my) career I won as a player and then as a coach.

“For sure when I lose, if you expect that I am happy or to come to a press conference and laugh, I am not this person. I am sorry if I show my disappointment because maybe it would be good to keep this inside and not show my emotion.

“I am an honest person, it is difficult for me to lie or hide the truth.”



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