Arsenal boosted with Partey’s return ahead of Leeds clash

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Arsenal will be boosted by the presence of Thomas Partey against Leeds this weekend.

Arsenal have been boosted with return of midfielder Thomas Partey ahead of their clash against Leeds United in the Premier League.

“I think he is going to be available, I spoke to someone in the Ghana team and they told me he is not injured, it is just a precaution,” he told Casino Bonus CA.

“I think he is going to be available for the Leeds game, there should be nothing to worry about for Arsenal fans.

“It happens all the time; when you come to Africa, you can see some of the pitches are not that great. So some of the big players like to proceed with caution.

“In the recent game they had with Angola, they drew 1-1, but the pitch was really bad so a player like Thomas Partey – with his injury record – probably wouldn’t have fancied it.

“It was interesting to see Arsenal also sent over their own physio with him to the game all the way in Ghana. It just shows you how important Thomas Partey is to Arsenal.”


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