Arteta: The results can be a springboard

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Arsenal came out victorious in the North London derby; Arteta believes the results can be a springboard.

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta believes the results against team in the Premier League is like a springboard for the Gunners team.

Arsenal were able to add another three points to the points following the victory in the North London derby against Tottenham.

Three goals from the Gunners team were enough to secure the points and extend their lead as the Premier League leader.

Speaking the Arsenal media after the game Arteta said: “[this result can be a springboard], I think it started in that dressing room when you get the right people and the right players and they start to connect with each other.

“It takes it to another level with all the members of staff that are a huge part of the team and it doesn’t matter at what level, it can be at the highest level.”

Arteta claims the connection between players, staff and fans is a driving force that gives the positivity on the pitch.

“When they start to connect, you can then deliver that to the pitch and start to transmit certain things on the pitch and then when you connect the way we have done with our fans and it becomes something really powerful.

“I think this is the biggest success that this group of players are having.”

Th Gunners dominated the game and the Spaniard admitted he was pleased with the performance of the team.

“I’m really happy, it was a great performance, a great day with an incredible atmosphere to play in. I’m so grateful to all the people that connect with the team in such a special way.

“I’m really happy because it’s an opportunity to make a lot of people happy and proud and I think we have delivered that to all of them.”

Arsenal are still on top of the league table, when asked about the feeling of the position Arteta said: “It’s great always looking at it and seeing the club where it is, in this position. It’s great, it gives you a great feeling obviously. But we are focused.

“It is a really hungry and humble team, believe me. We know where we are. There is nothing that we have done yet, and there are still a lot of things to improve, and that’s the direction that we are taking.”




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