Guardiola: I will figure how to beat United

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Pep Guardiola claims he will figure out how to defeat Manchester United; stating he knows the threat the Red Devils possesses.

Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola claims his knows the threat Manchester United possesses and insists he will find a way to come out victorious in the Manchester derby.

United will visit the Etihad stadium on Sunday with a winning momentum of four Premier League in a row.

The Red Devils latest win came against rival Arsenal, dealing with the Gunners with their pace and strength.

Guardiola, while speaking with the media ahead of the derby stated that he is aware of the danger the United team have.

“They have physicality and quality in the middle, the centre backs so aggressive. Good pace outside. It’s Man Utd it has always been like that,” the boss continued.

“I always expect the best from our opponents. The quality they have is undoubted for many years.

“They come from a very good result against Southampton away which is not easy and Arsenal at home. Good momentum for them.

“It’s a big rivalry in the city and I will try to figure out what they are going to do and what we can do to beat them.

“I’m looking forward to the game.”

Guardiola further stated that they need to be calm and take the right decision adding that they need not to be lazy.

“We have to play the perfect game on Sunday, they will punish you in small spaces,” Guardiola declared.

“We cannot be lazy. What you need to be expressed is emotions, the games will give it to you.

“Decisions are being made before you act. Be calm and take the right decisions.

“When you are anxious it is difficult to take the right one.

“In these games we don’t have to make extra emotional effort because it is what is.

“The stadium will be full and we will do what we can do.

“This is our opportunity to express the skills they have in front of millions of people The best way is to be yourself.

“Don’t be scared, be upfront, try to play good. If you do it the consequence will be points and victories.”



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