Jurgen Klopp reveal how Gakpo will be utilized

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Jurgen Klopp has revealed the position new signing Cody Gakpo will fit in and also talk about the availability of the player ahead of the new year games.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has revealed the best position to fit the Reds new signing from PSV Cody Gakpo.

The Reds hijacked the deal from Premier League rival Manchester United shortly after the World cup game.

Gakpo, who was incredible for the Netherlands side in the just concluded World cup game has now switch side from the Dutch league to the Premier League.

The youngster who is utilized has a winger at PSV might see himself play different role at the Anfield side.

Speaking about positions Gakpo can fit in Klopp stated that: “The position he played most often is obviously the left wing, that’s clear. But he can play different positions. He played for Holland different positions, he played for Eindhoven different positions, so that’s all fine.

“He can play all four positions up front whatever you play. If you play 4-2-3-1, he can play all four positions. If you play 4-3-3, he can play the winger. In 4-4-2, he can play the wing and the striker position. So there’s so many things he can play. But he’s still very young.

“He was in a really good run of form – not only in the league but at the World Cup as well. Obviously Holland had not a striker-friendly approach at the World Cup, let me say it like this.

“So it was very well organised, difficult to play against, but not creating like 50 chances a game – it was not about that. That’s why there, in a different role where he had to defend a lot and all these kind of things, he did really well. But the position he probably would say himself he prefers to play is the left wing in a 4-3-3. For us it’s clear, he can play the other positions. We know that and that’s why he was so interesting for us.”

It is not certain when the new Reds play will play for the team as Klopp insists paper work needs to be finalized before the Dutch can represent the Reds.

“What I heard now, we are obviously very early” Klopp said, “which is good, but there might be a chance for Brentford – but I think not really, to be honest. Because obviously the first of January is a Bank Holiday and then all the papers, which we don’t have to sign but some other people, will have to be signed on the 2nd until lunchtime. I’m not too positive that that will happen but we will not rush it anyway. So, probably Wolves.”



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