Arteta’s Dueling Reactions to Refereeing Controversies Raise Questions

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Mikel Arteta vehemently criticized a VAR decision in one instance, while taking a more reserved stance in another, where a genuine error impacted Liverpool.

Mikel Arteta’s recent calls for a significant overhaul of refereeing standards have raised eyebrows, as they appear to contradict his previous remarks in the wake of the Luis Diaz controversy.

After a lengthy VAR review confirmed Anthony Gordon’s goal for Newcastle against Arsenal, Arteta labeled it a ‘disgrace.’

However, the Arsenal manager was notably less vocal when addressing officiating standards following the genuine error that disallowed Luis Diaz’s goal for Liverpool.

This discrepancy in Arteta’s reactions has sparked discussions about consistency in refereeing decisions and the pressure on football officials.

“I don’t know. It’s something that we don’t have a say on, we don’t manage,” Arteta said on October 6 when asked about if certain referees shouldn’t take charge of matches involving certain clubs.

“I think they are trying to make the best decisions, they are trying to protect the game, they are trying to get as much support and be ruthless when they need to be.

“At some point as well we need to give support and understand that mistakes happen. We’ve made mistakes as well and if the pressure is so much then it’s very difficult to manage.”


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