Aubameyang reacts to sympathetic Arsenal fans

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Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has responded to a sympathetic Arsenal fan who offered him support on Instagram.


Aubameyang started against former club Arsenal on Tuesday night and had an evening to forget as he touched the ball just nine times, including four kick-offs, before being taken off at half-time.

Since leaving the Gunners in January 2021, the 33-year-old has struggled to shine at Barcelona or at Stamford Bridge, leading one Arsenal fan to express some sympathy in a post that was captioned: “No matter what I’ll always love you Auba.”

Writing on Instagram, the supporter said: “Honestly feel so bad for him.

“Always positive, almost lost his mother, caught malaria, toxic end at Arsenal, went to Barca and got his house robbed, now gone to Chelsea and not playing at all.

“Was made fun of at Stamford Bridge by our players and now booed by fans that he loved.”

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Clearly touched by the comment, Aubameyang replied himself, saying: “You know sometimes people forget what’s the real life and forget about how you can’t control what’s happened.”


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