Boxers that died from injury sustained  in the ring (part 2)

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Just like the part one Sportscliffs have brought a second part of boxers that died from injury they sustained in the ring.

Like we all know that Boxing game is an entertaining game but some how dangerous due to the fact that some boxer take hit in a dangerous part on the head.

Some boxers just slump and died in the ring, while some stays in coma for so long before they finally give up to the ghost.

This article is focused on boxers that died in the boxing ring from injuries that has be inflicted on them by their opponent.


Boxers that died from injury sustained  in the ring (part 2)

Tony Marino

  1. Tony Marino: Marino was an American boxer who became the World Bantamweight Champion on June 29, 1936 after he defeated Baltasar Sangchili in a fourteenth-round knockout in New York.  Marino collapsed at the end of an eight-round bout with Quintana in Brooklyn, New York City. The ringside doctor diagnosed a brain concussion. Marino never regained consciousness, dying two days later at Wyckoff Heights Hospital in Brooklyn.

  1. James Emerson Delaney: known professionally as Jimmy Doyle, was an African-American welterweight boxer who died after boxing match with Sugar Ray Robinson later in the hospital. In 1947, Doyle challenged Sugar Ray Robinson for the World Welterweight Title. A single left hook from Robinson, thrown as Doyle was attempting a right hook, ended the fight in the eighth round. Doyle fell backwards onto his back. Doyle was taken to St. Vincent’s Charity Hospital immediately after the bout, where he failed to regain consciousness and died a few hours later.

Boxers that died from injury sustained in the ring part 2

Sam Baroudi

  1. Sam Baroudi: Baroudi as a professional American boxer in the middleweight division. On August 15, 1947, in his 44th fight, Baroudi fought Newton Smith, knocking Smith out in the ninth round. Smith never regained consciousness and later died in the hospital. On February 20, 1948, Baroudi fought in Chicago against future world heavyweight champion Ezzard Charles. In the tenth round, Charles knocked out Baroudi, and like his fight with Newton Smith six months earlier, Baroudi never regained consciousness, succumbing to a brain hemorrhage at the hospital a few hours later.


  1. Jackie Darthard: Darthard Collapsed after six rounds of fighting and died after being taken to a hospital. Darthard was dragonized with a brain hemorrhage caused injury from a match five months earlier.

Boxers that died from injury sustained  in the ring (part 2)

Archie Kemp

  1. Archie Kemp: Kemp was an Australian boxer from Melbourne who died in the ring while fighting against Jack Hassen for the Australian Lightweight title. Kemp was carried from the ring on a stretcher and did not regain consciousness, dying of a cerebral haemorrhage.

Boxers that died from injury sustained  in the ring (part 2)

Raymond Roach

  1. Raymond Roach: Roach was a boxer from the small Texas town of Plainview, who was Ring Magazine’s Rookie-of-the-Year in 1947. Lavern had a winning record and was considered an up-and-coming contender until his untimely death. Lavern sustained a fatal head injury during a boxing match and died the next day due to a subdural hemorrhage. He was the first boxing casualty of 1950.

  1. Sonny West: West made his professional debut on November 29, 1946, a two-round knockout win against George Junior. He won his first nine professional matches before losing to Harry LaSane on August 11 of 1947, but avenged the loss fourteen days later. The career and life of Sonny Boy West ended with a defeat to Percy Bassett, which caused bleeding in the brain. According to, “West complained of double vision between the 6th and 7th rounds. After he was hurt to the body by Bassett, he was floored by a right hand. As he fell, he landed hard on his head. West died of injuries suffered in this bout on December 21st.



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