Boxers that died through injuries sustained in the ring (part 1)

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Boxers go through a lot to entertain fans but some have died in the process of doing that, here are some boxers that have died through injuried sustained in the ring.

In as much Boxing game is one of the entertaining games in the world of sport, so as the injuries are so bad and can cause a boxer to lose his life.

Boxing have caused some damages to fighters in recent years, while some suffer brain problem some fall into coma in action and later pass away.

This article is focused on boxers that died through injuries sustained while fighting their opponent in the ring.

  1. Andy Bowen: Bowen was an American lightweight boxer best known for fighting the world’s longest boxing match, which took place in 1893 against Jack Burke. Bowen’s fight against Kid Lavigne was his 27th and last fight. The injury that killed him was inflicted in the 18th round, when Lavigne knocked him down and he hit his head on the wooden canvas. Bowen never regained consciousness and died at 7:00 am the next morning, aged 27.


  1. Tosh Powell: Powell was a professional boxer from Wales. Based in Aberdare, Powell was notable for becoming the Welsh bantamweight champion and the matter of his death, caused by injuries sustained in the boxing ring. Powell was scheduled to fight Billy Housego. During the match with only a minute of the fight remaining Housego knocked Powell to the canvas. Powell recovered to his feet on the count of seven, but after returning in a daze to his corner he collapsed. Powell was carried to the dressing rooms, where the doctor on attendance recommended that he be taken to the Liverpool Royal Infirmary but later lost his life.


  1. Frankie Campbell: Campbell was an Italian-American boxer who fought professionally as a heavyweight. He won 33 of his 40 career fights, losing four, drawing twice. Campbell died in the ring. Campbell knocked down Max Baer in the 2nd round, which enraged Baer and made him rose from the canvas to put all his power behind a solid right-hand punch that hit Campbell flush in the chin. Campbell later received a beating in the 5th round and then eventually passed out from the punch.


  1. Frederick Ernest Schaaf: Schaaf was a professional boxer who was a heavyweight contender in the 1930s but died after a bout. On 10 February 1933, Schaaf fought the huge (more than 250 pounds or 110 kilograms) Primo Carnera, and suffered a knockout loss in the 13th round of 15. He fell into a coma, and was rushed to the hospital to undergo surgery. He died on Valentine’s Day. An autopsy revealed that Schaaf had meningitis, a swelling of the brain, and he was still recovering from a severe case of influenza when he entered the ring with Carnera.


  1. Jack Holland: Holland was an American professional boxer and college football player. He died of injuries suffered during a boxing match. Holland died May 9, 1933 of a cerebral hemorrhage after losing in six rounds to Tony Marullo. As he was climbing through the ropes to go to the dressing room, ringsiders heard him say: “I butted him.” Then he collapsed.



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