British Billionaire Ratcliffe reveal what United needs

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Manchester United have declined since Sir Alex Ferguson left the club but British Billionaire Sir Jim Ratcliffe has reveal what the club needs to start firing.

British Billionaire Sir Jim Ratcliffe has stated that United needs him as part of the board so as to start winning silverwares again.

Manchester United fans have turned their back on the owners of the club insisting they sell the club.

Sir Jim Ratcliffe wanted to purchase Manchester United before the Glazer family said the club is not for sale.

There have been decline in the club since Sir Alex Ferguson left the club as they have not won the Premier League since 2013.

The last time United won the trophy was in 2017 when Jose Mourinho led the club and lifted the Europa League.

Speaking to  reporters Ratcliffe said: “The answer about the performance of Manchester United is a simple one.

“The biggest correlation in success in football is money, without question. It’s not the only correlation because you’ve got outliers like Brighton. But if you’ve got the highest revenues, you can afford the best players and play the best football.

“Manchester United was one of those top three clubs with Barcelona and Real Madrid. A few more have joined that club with Bayern Munich, Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester City. Liverpool are a little bit closer.

“But Manchester United are not playing in that league of those other teams at the moment and haven’t done for quite some years since Sir Alex Ferguson stepped down [in 2013].

“So they’re not firing on all cylinders, that’s my point on performance.”

The Billionaire further stated that he has met with the Glazer family but they told him the club is not for sale.

“Manchester United is owned by the Glazer family, whom I have met,” Ratcliffe, a lifelong United fan who grew up in Manchester, told the Financial Times at an event on Tuesday.

“I’ve met Joel [Glazer] and Avram [Glazer] and they are the nicest people, I have to say.

“They are proper gentlemen, really nice people, and they don’t want to sell it. It’s owned by the six children of the father and they don’t want to sell it.

“If it had been for sale in the summer, yes, we would have probably had a go following on from the Chelsea thing but we can’t sit around hoping that one day Manchester United will become available.”




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