Bruno Fernandes Stresses Manchester United’s High Standards

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In the aftermath of Manchester United’s 3-1 defeat against rivals Manchester City, Bruno Fernandes asserts that the team is fully aware of the club’s demanding standards and the imperative to secure victories.

Manchester United captain Bruno Fernandes, making his 150th Premier League appearance, expressed the team’s commitment in a post-match interview with Sky Sports. Despite a commendable first-half effort leading to Marcus Rashford’s early goal, City orchestrated a second-half comeback.

Bruno acknowledged the team’s defensive prowess in the initial half but emphasized the need for more against a formidable opponent like City. Reflecting on missed opportunities, he highlighted the challenge of defending against City’s strategic play. The captain acknowledged the setback in ending a streak of six consecutive away victories and recognized the club’s demand for continuous success.

The Portuguese midfielder, pragmatic in his assessment, acknowledged the importance of every game for a club like Manchester United. While the loss affects their Champions League qualification hopes, Bruno Fernandes remains optimistic, emphasizing the long season ahead. He acknowledged the club’s standards and the continuous pursuit of victories.

Bruno Fernandes admitted that the outcome was damaging, considering the club’s expectations, but pointed out that there is still a substantial portion of the season remaining. He recognized the need to focus on their own performance while acknowledging the dependency on other teams dropping points for their Champions League aspirations.

Looking ahead, the Reds have a week to regroup and prepare for their next Premier League encounter against Everton at Old Trafford on Saturday. Bruno Fernandes expressed determination for an immediate response, emphasizing the ongoing battle for points and the collective responsibility to secure favorable results.

The defeat serves as a reminder of the competitive nature of the Premier League, and Bruno Fernandes’ insights offer a glimpse into the team’s perspective as they navigate the challenges of the season.



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