Carragher admits to wrongful comment on United star

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Jamie Carragher has admitted he was wrong about Manchester United defender Lisandro Martinez and labelled him a ‘special player’.

Former Liverpool player Jamie Carragher believes that Manchester United centre-back Lisandro Martinez is a special player for the club.

Carragher commented on the signing of Martinez in August last year and told Sky Sports: “What I would say about him, because of his size, is that is a problem for him. No matter what anyone says, being 5ft 9in is a problem.”

However, with Martinez’s performances standing out this season, the former Liverpool defender has made a u-turn on his previous statement.

Carragher said: “Lisandro Martínez has been brilliant. To be that small and play centre-back, you obviously have to be a special player.

“He’s been a big part of Manchester United’s spirit. There was a game I saw a few weeks ago and he was a sub, and someone scored a late goal, and he was right involved in the celebrations.”

He continued: “At the World Cup with Argentina, we saw him have that fight – with him and Casemiro coming in, they feel more powerful and strong. Someone of that size will get exposed in the air – that has to happen at some stage.

“Every player has weaknesses; the best players hide them or make sure they don’t get exposed. He’s a really good player and he’s surprised me the way he’s coped.”


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