Curry and Ionescu Elevate Game in Historic 3-Point Contest Conversation

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In a groundbreaking showdown set to redefine basketball narratives, NBA superstar Stephen Curry and WNBA standout Sabrina Ionescu gear up for a historic 3-point contest at NBA All-Star weekend.

In a matchup set to electrify NBA All-Star weekend, New York Liberty’s star guard, Sabrina Ionescu, will face off against two-time NBA 3-point challenge winner, Stephen Curry, in a highly anticipated shooting contest.

The event stems from a lighthearted challenge Ionescu issued to Curry on social media after her remarkable 3-point victory at the WNBA All-Star Game last July, where she shattered Curry’s record with an impressive 37 out of 40 points, hitting an astonishing 20 shots in a row.

This unexpected but eagerly embraced competition showcases the symbiotic relationship between the NBA and WNBA, emphasizing mutual respect between players of both leagues.

Ionescu, who grew up watching Curry at Golden State Warriors games, highlighted the significance of such events in challenging lingering dismissals of the WNBA. She expressed excitement about inspiring young fans and breaking down barriers, emphasizing the organic nature of this groundbreaking contest.

Originally slated to shoot from the WNBA’s shorter 3-point line, Ionescu opted to challenge herself further by requesting to shoot from the NBA line, mirroring Curry’s range.

The decision reflects her commitment to continuous improvement and underscores the capabilities and willingness of WNBA players.

Curry, a long-time advocate for the WNBA, emphasized the opportunity to elevate the basketball fan experience. The Warriors, Curry’s team, is set to welcome a WNBA expansion franchise in 2025, further illustrating his commitment to the growth and integration of women’s basketball.

As the buzz around this historic event grows, both players acknowledge the uncharted territory they are entering. Curry’s daughter, Riley, already captivated by the matchup, symbolizes the potential impact on young minds as the narrative of gender-neutral competition takes center stage.

Curry and Ionescu, honored to be pioneers in this venture, aim to reshape perceptions of competition and continue fostering moments that can positively influence the sporting world.


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