Curry put up show in Preseason finale.

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Stephen Curry put on an amazing show in the NBA preseason finale.

Golden state warrior guard Stephen Curry put up an amazing show in the preseason finale by scoring 41 points.

Curry has been outstanding through out his career and his coach admits the 33 years old is a machine.

The Coach Steve Kerr added that Curry has been building himself be they started camping.

“He’s been building up perfectly from before camp started to all of the training over the summer to now,” Warriors coach Steve Kerr said after the game.

He further stated that he Curry’s absence in the game in L.A was all planned as he doesn’t needs to feature in all games.

“Obviously missed the game in L.A. the other night, that was part of the plan, he didn’t need to play all five games, but the last few days he got a lot of individual work in and he’s clearly ready to roll for the regular season so he’s in a great place.”

“The guy’s a machine,” Kerr said. “It’s just amazing how he looks after himself physically, emotionally, he’s just an incredible athlete at the peak of his powers still at 33. He’s just remarkable to observe and obviously we’re lucky to have him leading the way for us.”

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