Vieira focused on 3 points against Arsenal.

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Crystal palace manager Patrick Vieira is focused on getting 3 points when he meets Arsenal.

Crystal palace boss Patrick Vieira says he is focused on getting 3 points against when he faces Arsenal on Monday.

Vieira captained the Arsenal side and also won numerous trophies with them in his playing days.

But the French man insist on dropping every emotion aside when his side plays against the London team.

He said: “I’m really looking forward to it.

“I had the chance to play for this football club for nine years. I arrived at this football club as a boy, and I left as a man.

“This is the club where I played my best football. So obviously going back there will be emotional, but I will put that on the side because what is important for us to perform well and get points.

“I’m looking forward to it because spending nine years is a long period of time, and that period was successful. I was really pleased to be a part of a generation of players who made history for this football club.

“Going back there will be emotional, yes, but the focus and concentration will be on how we can perform well and get that result we want. I think it’s just about controlling yourself as a manager, and controlling the emotion.

“I always try to do that, and I will do it again on Monday.”


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