David Moyes confidence in the return leg tie

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David Moyes is confidence that West Ham will get it right in the return leg of the Europa League despite losing 1-0 to Sevilla in the first leg.

West Ham manager David Moyes is confidence his side are still much in the tie despite losing 1-0 to Sevilla in the first leg of the Europa League tie.

The Spanish side won the first leg tie after a second half goal from Munir gave Sevilla and advantage in the competition.

The Hammers came close to scoring and drawing level in the game but all effort to find the back of the net didn’t go through.

Speaking after the game in Spain Moyes believes his side are still pretty much in the game with their performance.

“We came up against a really good European team, an experienced team and I thought we came really close tonight to getting a draw.

“We’ve just got to turn these games [into results] – on Saturday at Liverpool we could easily have turned that into a draw, tonight we could probably have had a draw.

“It’s a lack of concentration a little bit for the goal, then there was a period for 15 or 20 minutes in the second half when they got their tails up and we had to weather it, which we did.

“We gave the ball away quite a bit at the start of the second half and it gave them an opportunity to grow into the game

“Seville have got a really good style – it’s why they’re second in La Liga, it’s why they are ahead of so many good clubs, so you have to look at them and say you’re up against a big opposition.

“But I thought we ran them really close tonight and I’m sure we’ll run them close when we play them next week as well.

“They are a good team who keep the ball and they might make it difficult for us. We’re going to have to probably chase tha ball at different times, but ultimately we will go into the game feeling that we are right in the tie.

“If you’d have given me 1-0 I might have said: ‘Yeah, I’ll take that’ because we are right in it.”





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