Dubois: “I need to become a king-slayer”

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Daniel Dubois acknowledge Anthony Joshua has a King as he claims to be the king slayer ahead of his clash with the former heavyweight champion.


At a press conference on Wednesday, Anthony Joshua and Daniel Dubois spoke passionately about their upcoming bout for the IBF world heavyweight title, set for September 21 at Wembley Stadium.

Dubois expressed his determination to dethrone Joshua, acknowledging the significance of the challenge ahead. “I’m just aiming to be the best. To fight the best and beat the best. AJ has been the king for a long time, and we all know it, so on the night I need to become a king-slayer,” Dubois said. He emphasized his readiness and improvement as a fighter, stating, “I’m definitely learning more about myself with every fight, as a fighter and as a person. Coming out of the darkness, going into the light and being a man of the future.”

Dubois conveyed his confidence and readiness for the fight, declaring, “I’ve improved all round as a fighter and an athlete. I’m really up for this and ready to go. I’m ready to let my fists do the talking. I’m 100 percent ready. I’m going to go to camp, focus, and train like a beast. Bring it on.”

Joshua, on the other hand, spoke about his strategic approach and the importance of remaining focused. “It’s the next man up. I’ve had Dubois on my mind for a while, and he’ll be on my mind for the next 12 weeks until I get my hand raised,” Joshua said. He highlighted the competitive nature of the sport, comparing it to a wild environment. “I’m not silly either, I know the game. We’re all in the wild. We’re a pack of lions and hunters. I have to keep my eyes peeled, I can’t just focus on those two [Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder].”

Joshua emphasized the importance of a successful training camp and performance on fight night. “The goal is just to get through a successful training camp, and then performing on the night. The shiny stuff comes at a later date,” he stated.

As the fight approaches, both fighters are gearing up for what promises to be a thrilling and highly anticipated showdown.



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