Erik Ten Hag demand more from his players

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Erik ten Hag says there is no place at Manchester United for players lacking hunger as he looks to transform his squad into winning machines.

Manchester United manager Erik Ten Hag says he wants his players to act like machine and also show their hunger success on the pitch.

Asked if he is concerned certain players will never get the message about hunger and passion, given the issue is still rearing its head eight months on, he said: “When they can’t get this (message), then they are in the wrong place.

“I agree we dropped (at Newcastle), so we returned to old habits but also know there are fluctuations because persons are not robots.

“But we have to act as robots, we have to act as machines.

“We can expect and we have to expect and demand from our players that they match the standards, so when we are not doing (that) we are disappointed because that is our job.”

When asked if this group can become robots, performing week in, week out, he said: “Yeah, because we have shown (in) so many games we did it.

“Very strong belief, very strong confidence, very strong passion, the togetherness we had. We have shown it in many games and in big games.

“We have shown we can win the games, but you have to do it every time because that is the demand on the top player.

“That is the expectation Manchester United and the fans have from our team and from our players so they have to do it.”


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