Eubank choose next opponent after victory.

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Eubank ready to settle record straight with Liam Williams.

British boxer Chris Eubank Jr has stated that Liam Williams will be is next opponent as he insist they need to set the record straight.

Eubank defeated Wanik Awdijan in the fifth round on Saturday in Newcastle as he remain undefeated.

The Brit has now stated that he wants his next opponent to be Liam Williams as he claims he has been talking alot on social media.

“He has been very vocal on social media talking a lot of trash and we need to set the record straight”, He said about Williams:

“That is of interest.

“There are other names domestically and internationally too.

“It will definitely be a big fight or a world title fight in December.

“He is the frontrunner but nothing has been confirmed.

“It is a great fight, a lot of fans have been calling for it.

“I would be happy to settle our differences once and for all.

“There has been contact over the past year on social media. He has a lot to say, he has been very disrespectful, and he needs to be brought down a peg or two.”

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