Ramsdale: We have not come this far to give up

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Aaron Ramsdale claims they have not been on the top of the league over 9 months to just give up easily on the title.

Arsenal shot stopper Aaron Ramsdale has send a clear message to his fellow players not to give up on the title race following their 4-1 thrashing at Etihad stadium.

The England international conceded 4 goals against the Premier League defending champions as points between them reduce to 2 points with City having two games at hand.

Speaking after the game Ramsdale stated that they have to believe they can still finish ahead of Manchester City in the League.

“The immediate reaction coming off the pitch is disappointment. We came here to win the game and we haven’t managed to do that”, He said.

“We haven’t played nine months of Premier League football to be in this position to moan or give up – we’re not going to do that. If something is going to happen, it’s going to be in our league, so, we’ve got to be there to pounce if anything happens.

“Nothing changes for us; we’ll go through everything as we always do and learn from our mistakes, individually and collectively. Unfortunately tonight we haven’t been able to do what we came to achieve.”

Ramsdale further spoke on Manchester City stating that Pep Guardiola team can be frightening whenever they want to be.

He also stated that their sluggishness cost them against the Etihad side as you can not afford to be slow against a ruthless team like City.

On City, he said: “They’ll punish you if you’re half a yard too slow into the press or not winning headers or second balls. It was difficult to get a foothold in the game, but at the same time, we didn’t impose ourselves enough in the first half, giving them a two-goal lead and they were relentless, that’s what they are.

“They’re just a frightening team when they want to be. We’re aspiring to be the best team in this league, so we’ll look at how they do things and try and be up there with them. Credit to the lads that we’re this close to them.”


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