Arteta: We were no where near our level

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Mikel Arteta has admitted that Arsenal were no where the level they used to be against Manchester City in the Premier League.

Arenal manager Mikel Arteta was disappointed with the result against Manchester City as he admitted the better team won the match last night.

Arteta further stated that the did not do the basic things they were to do against an exceptional team which cost them at the Etihad Stadium.

“The analysis is clear: the better team won the game. They were probably at their best, especially in the first half, and we were nowhere near our level.

“When that happens, the gap becomes too big and in the first 30 minutes we didn’t do all the basic things that you have to do against an exceptional team, in terms of competing, winning duels and understanding what the game requires.

“We got punished and we could have been punished even more.”

When ask why is players failed to do the basic things against City, Arteta said: “I prefer to keep that [with] my players. They were better in every department.

“They were more aggressive, they kept the ball better, they won every single duel. We had them in the corners and from there, in two passes, they were in front of our goal.

“We conceded from a set play and from a throw-in against us too easily. They deserved to win the game because they were better.”

When Arteta was asked what lesson he would take from the defeat, the Spaniard said: “Just to accept the reality – that’s the best way to move forward.

“Accept that today they were better than us, that they deserved to win the game, that we never had a chance to win the game and that we have to improve, be better and be humble enough to accept that. In sport, you have to do that if you want to be better.”


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