Lampard: The players are low on confidence

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Frank Lampard admits Chelsea players lack confidence to deliver in the final third of the games following their defeat to Brentford at Stamford Bridge.

Chelsea caretaker manager Frank Lampard believes that the tactical application is there but insists the players lack confidence to deliver.

The Blues suffered another defeat to Brentford on their home ground as Lampard men failed to find the back of the net again.

“I feel for the players a bit because at the moment they are low on confidence,” said Lampard.

“Everyone is around 30 per cent lower on confidence. It’s not an application thing. You control the game, you create some chances, but when we get them, we are not taking them. We are lacking the belief when we get to the top end of the pitch.

“Brentford are good at what they do. We dominated the second half, but they scored on a breakaway. The details of the game are pretty clear.

“I just told the players it is not a sob story that everything is going against us, but I can’t talk about any application things about the squad. They are trying everything, they are really disappointed in the dressing room and the fans should have no doubt about that.

“I have no problem with fans booing,” added Lampard.

“I am not sitting here to go against the fans and say don’t boo the players. Absolutely not. But I will defend the players because they are young lads who want to do well. Is there an issue with confidence? Yeah. Is there an issue with the balance of the squad? Yeah.

“If you think Brentford are going to come and turn you around and have corners and throw-ins, and you’re going to walk that game, it’s not the case any time. And when you’re in a moment of a lack of confidence, it’s difficult to win any game.

“I’m not exonerating the players, but I am supporting them. They performed in my opinion like they wanted to win it.”


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