Ancelotti: World cup not cause of loss

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Carlo Ancelotti claims its tough to play every three days after their loss against Rayo Vallecano in the La Liga.

Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti has stated that their loss to Rayo Vallecano was not because of the World cup that was closer.

Real Madrid visited Rayo Vallecano in the La Liga and lost 3-2 despite coming back from a goal down in the first half.

The former Everton manager stated that they had problem playing from the back and also lost individual duels in the game when playing long ball.

“We needed to be a bit tougher”, Ancelotti stated this after Real Madrid’s loss. “We had trouble playing out from the back. We could’ve played more direct balls forward and we lost a few individual duels.

“The quality was lacking a bit for us to draw the game. We had chances to score that we’d put away normally and we were a bit below par in terms of toughness”.

“It’s not related to the World Cup. We’re heading into the break a bit stretched because we’ve played a lot of games. This is happening to every team. It’s hard to make it to the end and even more so when you play every three days.

“We’re not as fresh as we were before. In these types of games when the opposition presses you and is aggressive, you need players with fresh legs. It’s a normal thing.

“We’ve dropped off a bit but we’re still in the fight for everything. We’re disappointed we’re not top, but it’s a long league season. The players are focussed and doing their best. Sometimes things don’t go your way”.

Real Madrid draw Liverpool in the Champions League and Ancelotti said: “Liverpool will say the same thing about the draw. It’ll be a very entertaining tie and a very tough one. There’ll be a great atmosphere at Anfield and also at the Bernabéu. It’ll be a spectacular tie”.



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