Courtios: We weren’t good enough to match intensity

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Thibaut Courtios believes they suffered the loss because his side couldn’t match the intensity of Rayo Vallecano.

Real Madrid goalkeeper Thibaut Courtios admitted that their side were not good enough against Rayo Vallecano last night.

The La Liga defending Champion suffer defeat away from home which has made them drop from the top of the league.

Speaking about the game last night Courtios said: “Rayo play well and press well, especially at home. We knew it’d be a tough game and we weren’t good enough to match their intensity in the first half.

“They scored early on and luckily we got the penalty and the goal to make it 1-2. Then they score another which we were unlucky with, but we didn’t clear the ball, it stayed in the area and the player fired it in”.

“We’ve conceded too many soft goals this year, some because of mistakes or not being 100% in the game. Scoring two goals away at such a tough ground like this should be enough to win the game and it wasn’t.

“The second half, with the penalty, was bad luck. Carvajal was running and it hit his hand, then I stopped the penalty, but Carvajal is inside the area and the referee or the VAR says it has to be repeated.

“I’m not sure if these things are always awarded, but the save went towards Dani and that’s why it was given. I couldn’t save the second penalty and that was a shame”.



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