Eubank Jr discusses next fighter after win.

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Eubank Jr discusses next opponent as expert believes he need to fight big names.

British boxer Eubank Jr discusses his next opponent after his victory in Newcastle yesterday against Wanik Awdijan.

He stated that a Liam Williams keeps popping into his head as he claims everyone wants to see the fight.

Eubank Jr told Sky Sports: “Anybody with a world title, anybody that the fans want to see me fight.

“A guy that keeps popping up is Liam Williams. Everybody seems to want that fight to happen. That’s an option.

“You’ve got Saunders running around. He says that he wants to fight me for £5m!

“The options are endless. All I know is – December onwards – big names, world titles.

“It’s going to be a hell of a 12 months.”

Skysports experts Froch also stated the fight that could be in the plan of Eubank Jr career fight.

“The Liam Williams fight is a good fight, but he definitely, 100 per cent needs to now get a move on,” Froch told Sky Sports.

“We need to see him in there with a big name, or a bigger name

“Maybe the Billy Joe Saunders rematch. I quite like that fight.

“When people start pricing themselves out of the fight, that’s when you realise that maybe they don’t want the fight.

“We need to see Chris Eubank Jr in with a big name and we need to see a performance, because the time is nigh, it really is.”

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