Pogba insist United must be more mature.

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Paul Pogba insist Manchester United needs to improve an be more mature after defeat to the Foxes.

Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba insist that his side must be more mature after defeat against Leicester yesterday.

Despite scoring first in the game United defense cost them the game as they conceded 4 goals to the Foxes.

Marcus Rashford scored on his return for the club, drawing level in the second half but it was not enough.

After the game Paul Pogba insists his side needs to improve their game as they continue to concede stupid goals.

He further stated that they need to find the solution to the problem as they are yet to get it.

“We have been having these kind of games for a long time,” Paul Pogba said after the game.

“We have not found the problem, conceding easy goals, stupid goals. We need to be more mature, play with more experience and arrogance in a good way. We need to find something, we need to change.”

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