Exercises to do to keep your body fit

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We can keep our body fit by doing regular exercises and here are some of the exercise you can do daily in order to keep your body fit.

Constant Exercises and keeping fit is one of the ways to make our body stay sound and healthy and also make some sicknesses and diseases stay far away from us.

Some people have taken it upon themselves to do regular exercise in other to stay fit and keep the body in good shape.

Why some find it difficult to wake and do some little exercise that can help their immune system.

We really don’t need to go the gym in order to do some exercise that will keep the body and health in good shape.

This article is written in other to give exercises you can do in order to keep the body fit.

Walking: This might sound awkward to some people because they might not believe walking is an exercise. Walking is not just for beginners as people that do constant exercise can also get a good workout from walking. You can do a road walk and then give yourself a particular distance to cover and trust me when you do this constantly you will notice change in your fitness.

Running: Running is an exercise you can do on your own without instruction from any body or an exercise instructor. This is one of the exercises people do to stay fit as it burns much calories from the body. Using a particular field for this will be okay.

Jogging: Jogging and running is different because running involves serious speed while jogging makes you move as a cool and steady pace. Despite the low pace in jogging, you get your fitness while jogging constantly.

Pushup: This might look very hard but doing it constantly will help build the muscles in the arms and chest.

Squatting: This exercise also helps in building the muscle that targets the quadriceps, hamstrings and gluteal.

Abdominal crunches: This is done by most people in order to get flat abs, this helps the muscles on he sides of your waist.

As we have learnt exercises are good for the body as it keeps the body sound and healthy, why not begin to stay fit with some these exercises and make it a constant routine.



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