Sportscliffs: Five worst teams in the just concluded Premier League

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The Premier League ended with lots of drama and Sportscliffs have come up with the worst 5 teams in the league.

The Premier League came to an end last week and it was a tough one between the two title contenders Manchester City and Liverpool.

Fortunately for the Manchester club it went their way on the last day, coming back from 2 goals down against Aston Villa to win and claim the title.

The fourth place was also decided as Tottenham hotspurs claimed the spot despite Arsenal winning their game against Everton.

Manchester United lost but will play the Europa League thanks to Brighton that defeat West Ham on the last day.

Leeds United escaped relegation on the last day with a victory over Brentford while Burnley will be playing the Championship next season.

We will now look at the 5 worst team in the just concluded Premier League.

  1. Norwich

Norwich was the first team to be relegated in the Premier League aside that they were not up to the level of the team that are in the Champions League.

The team lost 26 games and drew 7 games and won just 5 games throughout their Premier League campaign.

  1. Watford

They may have humiliated Manchester United in the Premier League but Watford will remain the second worst team.

The team won 6 games drew 5 and lost 27 games in the just concluded Premier League, so why should they stay in the League.


  1. Burnley

Burnley had to sack their manager towards the end of the campaign but still didn’t pull through in the League.

After the board sacked their manager it was like they would stay in the league at the last moment but things went from bad to worst with a shocking defeat to Newcastle United on the last day.

  1. Everton

The Merseyside team also escaped relegation with their comeback against Crystal Palace but are the fourth worst team on the list.

They won 11 games, drew 6 games and lost 21 games which is bad for a team like Everton.

  1. Leeds United

They might have escape relegation on the last day of the Premier League but they are still one of the worst team in the Premier League.

The team won 9 games drew eleven games and lost 18 games, accumulating 38 points just three points ahead of the relegated side.



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