Former United player advice Rice to pick City

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According to Manchester United legend Dwight Yorke, Declan Rice should find it uncomplicated to opt for a move to Manchester City during the upcoming summer transfer window. Despite being previously linked with a transfer to the Red Devils, Yorke believes that Rice should disregard interest from Manchester United and Arsenal and instead join the reigning Premier League champions.

Yorke stated, “Declan Rice will need to sit down and assess what the best decision for him is this summer. I don’t believe money will pose a problem, as he would be leaving West Ham in order to contend for trophies and participate in the Champions League.”

He further added, “Does Rice desire to leave London? He could opt to stay and play for Arsenal, as they have a project in place with a group of promising young players heading in the right direction. Chelsea is currently undergoing a transitional phase, so would he be willing to join during such an uncertain period at the club? Manchester United is undeniably the biggest club in England, but would he be comfortable with the pressure of playing for such a colossal club? Ultimately, it will be a personal choice.”

“If I were in his position and Manchester City expressed interest, they would undoubtedly be my first choice due to their style of play and their consistent trophy success. Although I wouldn’t completely rule out Manchester United since they are progressing and aiming to improve. Given the current discontent within the Chelsea team, I wouldn’t consider them as an option. Arsenal could be an appealing choice if he wishes to remain in London, but personally, my preference would be Manchester City, with Manchester United as a close second.”


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