Fury to Ngannou: Be Grateful – Biggest Payday Courtesy of the Gypsy King

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Tyson Fury asserts that MMA star Francis Ngannou should be expressing gratitude for the Gypsy King, claiming to have provided him with the most substantial payday of his career.


In a highly anticipated turn of events in the world of British boxing, Tyson Fury reaffirms his commitment to facing Oleksandr Usyk before a potential clash with Anthony Joshua. Fury, the WBC champion, is set to meet Usyk for the undisputed heavyweight championship on the rescheduled date of May 18, following a postponement due to a camp injury.

Fury hints at a prospective rematch with Usyk and proposes that the winner of this bout would then challenge the victor of Anthony Joshua’s upcoming test against Francis Ngannou. Joshua, having lost his world titles to Usyk in October 2021, seeks redemption and has secured three consecutive victories to revive his quest for a third championship.

Fury, unreserved in his confidence, asserts that Joshua has been bested by Usyk and claims the ability to handle Joshua twice if necessary. The Gypsy King emphasizes the risk-heavy nature of the heavyweight landscape and highlights the financial reward as the primary motivation for Joshua.

Meanwhile, Fury recalls his recent encounter with Ngannou, where he faced a scare in October when floored by a powerful left hand in their 10-round contest. Despite the MMA star’s impressive debut, Fury admonishes Ngannou for ungratefulness, reminding him of the substantial payday he received.

As the boxing drama unfolds, Fury directs heated words at Joshua’s upcoming opponent, warning of a formidable challenge awaiting him on Friday night. Acknowledging a less-than-stellar performance in their previous encounter, Fury refrains from making excuses but expresses uncertainty about Ngannou’s boxing prowess.

With multiple high-stakes bouts on the horizon, the heavyweight division in British boxing is poised for intense action, promising fans a thrilling series of matchups in the coming months.


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