Galtier :It was a game of two different halves

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It was an intense game between Paris Saint Germain and Juventus in the Champions League as Christoophe Galtier admit struggle in the second half of the match.

Paris Saint Germain manager Christophe Galtier admit the match against Juventus in the Champions League is a game of two different halves.

The French club got away with the 3 points in their first game of the Champions League following a 2-1 win in Paris.

French forward Kylian Mbappe was on target twice in the first half of the game  to give his side a befitting lead before Mckenne scored a goal for the Old Lady in the second half.

Speaking about the match Galtier stated that they were caught off guard in the early minutes of the second half as the only goal gave them hope to keep pushing.

“There were two different halves, Giltier said after the match. “There was the first where I felt that we started the match well, and where the team really enjoyed playing together and creating lots of chances, bringing danger and defending together too. We gave away some chances in the first half, but I thought that a two-goal lead at half-time was deserved.

“Then there was the second half where we were caught out by a set-piece, Galtier added. When we needed to get out more quickly than we had planned unfortunately. As soon as there is a bit of movement in this area, we are punished. Of course, if the third goal had been for us, the match would have been done and dusted. But it gave Juventus hope again.

“We gave chances away, our defenders were heroic in the final metres of the pitch to prevent us from conceding a second goal. I think that on the whole, the win was deserved. It’s important for our supporters, for the club, for the player and for me on a personal level.

“Winning in this manner will also allow the squad to develop because you realise that you need to put in incredible effort at this level of the competition.

“It was also the opportunity to change the story, by beating Juventus. At 2-1, there were questions in people’s heads, in the atmosphere within the Parc, which was magnificent this evening, extraordinary. Changing the story isn’t easy. And I say it again, winning with character helps one and other to grow.”



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