Guardiola compare Haaland and Johan Cruyff

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Erling Haaland scored and incredible goal against his former side Dortmund in the Champions League; Guardiola says its similar to Johan Cruyff’s.

Manchester city manager Pep Guardiola compares Erling Haaland goal against Dortmund in the Champions League to that of Johan Cruyff at Camp Nou years ago.

Manchester City hosted Dortmund in their second game of the group stage as the game ended in favour of the English team.

Second half goals from John Stone and former Dortmund player Erling Haaland were enough to savage three points for the side.

Speaking about Haaland’s acrobatic goal Guardiola stated that it reminded him of a goal scored by Dutch legend Johan Cruyff against Atletico Madrid.

“Maybe the people who know me know the influence of Johan Cruyff in my life as a person, a mentor, a manager,” said Pep.

“Years ago, he scored in Camp Nou an incredible goal versus Atletico Madrid, it was quite similar today with Haaland and the moment he scored it I thought ‘Johan Cruyff’, it was quite similar.

“It was a really good one, the assist from Joao was exceptional. Joao has the ability to do these things, but then after in the simple things he can lose balls.

“The simple things he has to make these actions, I know he can do it but you can’t force it, sometimes he does it quite often but he is still young and has a desire to improve and he made an incredible pass and the finish from Erling was exceptional.

The former Barcelona manager believes the match was a replica of the last time City played Dortmund in the Champions League – with both legs of the quarter-final ending in 2-1 wins for the Blues.

“It was quite similar two years ago in the quarter-final when Phil scored in the last few minutes,” he said.

“We had a lot of problems to get rhythm and were so passive in transition.

“We struggled, we played in the wrong gear and we are who we are, we can win or lose, when we play the last 35 minutes we realised, okay we are 1-0 down and subs come on and gave us a new rhythm.

“After you can lose, but this is who we are, The Champions League doesn’t wait, it doesn’t forgive you.

“They defended really well and what happened two years ago, hopefully we can learn a lesson on Saturday against one of the toughest opponents in Wolves.

“Hopefully, that will help in the second half.”



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