Allegri claims Juventus collapse psychologically

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Massimiliano Allegri claims his side collaspsed psychologically following their defeat in the Champions League to Benfica; says they need to do more and do it right.

Juventus manager Massimiliano Allegri stated that his side collapsed psychologically after the Benfica score their second goal against them in the Champions League.

The Italian club suffer another defeat in the Champions League group stage making it two in a row.

Speaking with the media after the game Allegri stated that: “There are few explanations to give: we collapsed psychologically after the 2-1.”

Allegri believes they have not other option than to work hard as he claims football gives chance to get up.

“Now we just have to work, take one step at a time, football always gives you the chance to get up; these moments in football happen, we have to face everything with clarity and serenity knowing that we cannot lose two games in a row in the Champions League.”

The Italian team also face heavy fixtures, as they play every four days but Allegri insists they will find solution to that the problem.

“The reasons? They can be many, now it makes little sense to talk about the problems that exist because we have to find a solution, playing in 4 days.”

It has been a tough week for Juventus following two defeats in a row which Allegri claims have not happened to him in 10 years.

“It must be said that it is a delicate moment in the Champions League, because we have lost two games in a row and it had not happened to me in 10 years. Now it is complicated, but not yet compromised.”

He insists his players would not be blamed for the loss but says they have to do more and do it rightly.

I have nothing to blame the boys for, we all have to do something more: not overdo it but do it. The whistles are right, because we lost at home. The fans were extraordinary.



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