Guardiola give admission on players as World cup approach

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Pep Guardiola demands more from his players as World cup edge closer and as the team face busy schedule.

Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola insists all is players will be involved in games as they have busy schedules ahead of them.

Manchester City will host German side Dortmund in the Champions League before going to play Wolves away in the Premier League.

The former Bayern Munich manager claims he has 20 players he can select from but insists all his players must be in their right mentality.

“We pick a team to win tomorrow. It is so important,” he said.

“Until the World Cup, being there in the Premier League and close to the top when the World Cup starts and then we see how people come back.

“But in the Champions League; you need to qualify. We won the first game and Champions League at home you have to be strong.

“Tomorrow’s selection, it is 12:30 Saturday and we are lucky we don’t travel.

“It’s a difficult one, a team like Wolves is hard because of the mentality they have for many years. They have two weeks to prepare exactly that game.

“I have 20 players available, everyone is fit and fresh mentally.

“I’m pretty sure they will all play both games, I’m not sure from the beginning but maybe the second part of both games. That is the feeling right now.”

Both City and Dortmund began our European campaigns with convincing victories over Sevilla and FC Copenhagen respectively, but it’s Pep Guardiola’s men who currently top of Group G by virtue of goal difference.

He said: “Players know about football. They know what they are looking for. They can have specifics about a player because they know them better than me.

“When you are in the locker room or on the pitch, they were there for years, they know far more than me.

“I can watch a thousand video tapes but they know more.

“The formation maybe isn’t as important as how is the manager or how they felt they played against us a few seasons ago.”




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