Guardiola hopes Arsenal drops bits of performance

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Arsenal have been in fine form this season and are top of the league but Pep Guardiola hopes the Gunners drop some points so as to catch up with them in the Premier League.

Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola says he hopes Premier League leader Arsenal drop a bit of performance so they can close the gap.

Arsenal, who have been in massive form this season have only lost a game to Manchester United this season.

The inform Gunners drop points following their goalless draw in the Premier League against Newcastle United.

Guardiola, whose side will visit Chelsea at Stamford bridge insists his side needs to work hard to close the gap against Mikel Arteta side.

“The way they played against Newcastle again impressed me a lot,” Guardiola said. “They dropped two points but they didn’t drop the quality [with which] they played.

“We have to be almost perfect, I would say, from here to the end of the season and hope they drop a little bit in their performance.

“But, at the same time, I see the way we played the last games, and the feeling is good.

“My target always as a manager is to try to be yourself and be better than the opponent, and after if you concede one shot and they score and we can’t score, you have to accept it and move forward.

“What I want to see is us still fight, don’t give up, not now, until the last chance, until the last drop of water we can fight to win the Premier League, and the moment we are not able to win the Premier League we have to be ready to compete next season. This is when teams are really good.”




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