Guardiola: Manchester City is far beyond myself

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Pep Guardiola insists Manchester City is beyond him as he doesn’t complain when the club succeed in the transfer market.

Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola has stated that club is far beyond him as he claims he has never complained for what the Etihad club couldn’t do in the transfer market.

The former Barcelona boss insists he never created a fire because they were unable to get a particular player because he represents the club.

Guardiola admitted they wanted to sign Tottenham striker Harry Kane in the beginning of the season but it didn’t go through.

City was in need of a striker after Aguero left the club as there was not significant target man in the team.

“I never was, in my 11 or 12 years, disappointed in what the club cannot do in the transfer market,” said Guardiola.

“I’ve never created a fire here because I represent the club and the club is always beyond myself by far.

“We tried [to sign Kane] but it was far away to be done because Tottenham was clear this is not going to happen. And when it happens two, three, four times, it’s over.

“Now you can say ‘Harry Kane didn’t come and everything is going well’ but at the time I didn’t know it. When we lost to Spurs and Leicester in the Community Shield. And I don’t know what will happen in the next few weeks.

“The club gave me players and I’m always delighted – and it’s then what we can do together. Maybe if we had a proper striker we would play with a striker but with the players we have we have to adapt.”

Manchester City will face Tottenham in the Premier League later today in the Premier League after an incredible win in the Champions League.

Guardiola speaking ahead of the game stated that he is happy is forward Raheem Sterling is back to his best.

“(His confidence) is higher,” Guardiola said. “Always the goal is a consequence of his confidence, and the confidence comes with his smile and mood.

“You cannot play well or improve when your mood is down. It’s impossible. Good faces – you cannot imagine how important it is.

“When you are all the time complaining, and I am not talking about Raheem because it is not the case and it was not the case, but in general, when someone was here complaining about lack of minutes or whatever, you cannot be better or improve and you are going to perform bad.

“I saw the first half against Sporting, you see the intensity in all his movements, defensively especially, offensively as well…it’s magnificent.

“It’s what Raheem has done (for) many, many years becoming, in terms of stats in terms of national team, a key player. And for us, for me personally, I am very glad he is back to his best because we need him.”




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