Guardiola Warns Arsenal after Champions League victory

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Pep Guardiola delivered a formidable message to Arsenal, signaling a resurgent Manchester City side that clinched a commanding 3-1 victory over RB Leipzig.

Pep Guardiola issued a stern caution to Arsenal after his Manchester City squad made a resounding comeback with a decisive 3-1 victory against RB Leipzig.

This triumph came on the heels of disappointing losses to Newcastle in the Carabao Cup and Wolves in the Premier League.

The victory in the Champions League served as a much-needed resurgence for the Sky Blues. Their attention now turns to a crucial clash with Arsenal scheduled for the upcoming Sunday.

Guardiola’s warning likely underscores the determination of his team to rectify recent setbacks and regain their formidable form. As they prepare to face the Gunners, Manchester City will aim to maintain their competitive edge and secure vital points in the Premier League.

This encounter promises to be a pivotal moment in City’s quest for success, and Guardiola’s message serves as a reminder that they remain a formidable force despite recent up and down.

Asked about the importance of delivering such a strong performance ahead of facing Arsenal, Guardiola told TNT Sports: “Yeah, but I’m not going to judge my team on results.

“Both games [against Newcastle and Wolves] was maybe not the best performance but it was not easy when 10 players defend in the box.

“Ten players defending, five players, four players and a striker and a holding midfielder all in the box, it’s not easy!

“So it happened, we were unlucky with the first goal, we were not sharp enough, it happened. It’s many games so I can understand it.

“But despite that, if you think I’m going to doubt about the players or doubt about what we’re going to do this season because today we could have lost again, then you are wrong. You are not the right person to do these questions.

“I rely on these guys unconditionally, winning or not winning, because I know the training sessions, the mentality that they have and they prove it.

“And now we are going to Arsenal to do our game. Rest and hopefully we can arrive in March, April, May being there [in the title race], close to the competitions.

“And I have a feeling we will not be an easy opponent to beat.”


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