Guardiola: We know we can’t control them.

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Guardiola admitted he knew they can’t control the game.

Manchester city boss Pep Guardiola says he knew they can’t control the game for 90 minutes against Paris Saint Germain.

Guardiola side faced a 2-0 defeat in the Champions League against Pochettino’s side in France capital.

Guardiola stated earlier before the match that they just need to defend well in the game as they can’t control the game.

“The (Messi) goal was fantastic,” Guardiola said. “We know it’s impossible to control Leo during the whole 90 minutes but he was not much in touch with the ball.

“We know quite well when he can run and get close to the box he is unstoppable. We knew it already, we spoke about that, we cannot control them for 90 minutes, these huge talents.

“The only options I know is to defend deep for 90 minutes deep and pray or to take the ball and try to play your game.

“We played our game. Our attackers could be more aggressive and say, ‘oh, I can score – I have this quality..’ This is what they have to do in the future.”

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