Guardiola: We prefer Arsenal Premier League Position

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Pep Guardiola insisted that his side would wants to occupy the position of the gunners following their 4-1 victory over Mikel Artetas Arsenal.

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has stated that his side admire to be in the first position for a long time and can wait for Arsenal to vacate the position.

City defeated Arsenal in the Premier League last night to reduce the points between them to 2, although the Etihad side have two games in hand.

Asked what his preference is, Guardiola said: “Absolutely my position now. I would love to be two games ahead with six points.

“It depends on us. Until today I prefer the position for Arsenal because if Arsenal beat us it is in their hands. Now it is in our destiny.

“I have a feeling the next three games will dictate a lot.

“Fulham have come from the Championship and this season have been amazing.

“We play at home against Leeds and West Ham. We feel comfortable here with the crowd.

“The next three games will be really important.

“The most important thing is the destiny is in our hands. When you arrive at the end of the season, most important thing is it depends on us.

“We still have seven games.”


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