Harry Kane told to quit Spurs for Bayern Munich

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Tottenham Hotspurs captain Harry Kane has been advised to dump the London club for Bayern Munich in order to win trophies.

The England forward Harry Kane has a huge decision to make over his future, whether to stay at the north London club and risk not winning anything but try to break Alan Shearer’s record.

Or move abroad in the search of some silverware, with the club reportedly reluctant to sell him to another club in England.

Former Tottenham star Danny Murphy believes the the inform striker should move away from the North London club another team in Europe

Speaking with the media Murphy said: “He’s not going to win anything decent with Tottenham, they are nowhere near it.

“Where are your options? There are rumours about Bayern Munich. Winning three Bundesliga titles and maybe a Champions League is possible, they are one of the best teams in Europe.

“And being Tottenham’s all-time scorer and being England’s record scorer and being one of the best goalscorers the Premier League has ever seen is still a hell of a way to be remembered.

“I think the trophy bit at the end is more beneficial to him, personally, when he finishes than maybe breaking the Premier League records.”

Meanwhile, Darren Bent has stated that he would be surprised if Harry Kane opts to leave Tottenham after becoming the club’s all-time top scorer.

Bent stated that: “I’d be stunned if he leaves Spurs, because for me, the ideal spot for him is of course Manchester United or Chelsea.

“There’s no way on the planet that [chairman] Daniel Levy is selling him to Chelsea, that’s just never going to happen because of the hatred between the two clubs.

“Manchester United is the one that makes sense, I have just got this feeling, he’s just broken Jimmy Greaves’ record, he’s going to go on and score many more goals.

“He’s got it all good at Spurs, and I’m looking at how much he loves playing for that football club.

“It will probably mean more to him to win any type of trophy at Spurs than maybe going to Manchester United.”


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