Initial Concerns Arise Over Possible Torn ACL for Giants’ Daniel Jones

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In a worrisome development for the New York Giants, initial concerns have surfaced regarding the potential of star quarterback Daniel Jones suffering a torn ACL.

New York Giants Quarterback Daniel Jones Exits Game Due to Possible Season-Ending Knee Injury

In a disappointing turn of events, New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones had to leave the field during Sunday’s game against the Las Vegas Raiders.

The cause of his departure was a noncontact knee injury that has raised concerns about the severity and potential season-ending consequences.

Initial reports from sources indicate that there is a fear that Jones may have suffered a torn ACL in his right knee. An MRI has been scheduled for Monday to provide a more precise assessment of the extent of the injury.

However, the prevailing worry is that this injury could have long-term implications for Jones and the Giants.

This game marked Jones’s return to action after a three-game absence due to a neck injury. The unfortunate turn of events has cast a shadow over the quarterback’s future this season.

“Tough. You never want your guys to go down,” coach Brian Daboll said. “He’s worked really hard to get back. It’s unfortunate.”

Initial X-ray Results for Jones Negative, but Uncertainty Looms

Following the incident at Allegiant Stadium, an X-ray examination was conducted for Daniel Jones, which yielded negative results. However, the quarterback’s ultimate fate hinges on forthcoming tests, including an upcoming MRI in New York.

After the game, as Daniel Jones walked through the locker room, it was evident that he was not using crutches but was noticeably limping. His facial expressions seemed to convey a sense of concern and uncertainty regarding his condition.

“I’m not going to jump the gun or anything,” running back Saquon Barkley said in the somber locker room moments later. “I’m not going to sit here and speak for [Jones]. You don’t know until you get an MRI. Pray for him. He knows I got his back no matter what. We got his back no matter what. … You never know until you have to get an MRI.”

The concerning part is the injury occurred without Jones taking a hit. His knee buckled on the final play of the first quarter when he was sacked.

“That’s not a good sign,” said Giants offensive lineman Justin Pugh, who just recently returned from a torn ACL. “You never want to put the cart before the horse. Let’s get an MRI. Let’s get pictures of it. I was in his shoes a year ago but let’s just hope everything is all right.”

During the brief interval between quarters, Jones made an attempt to test his condition and opted to continue playing.

However, on the first play of the second quarter, a sudden and unprovoked fall to the ground occurred while he was in the middle of his dropback. In visible discomfort, Jones clutched at his knee, prompting him to walk to the sideline for a more detailed assessment within the blue medical tent.

After spending several minutes in the medical tent, Jones was able to walk unaided off the field and proceeded toward the tunnel closest to the X-ray facility within Allegiant Stadium.

“He felt like he buckled,” Daboll said of the final play of the first quarter. “And then he was running it off. We went over and talked to him and he said, ‘Nah, I’m good.’ Then went back in and obviously he wasn’t.”

Tommy DeVito Stepped In for Jones, Displaying Improvement

In the absence of Daniel Jones, undrafted rookie Tommy DeVito took the field. In his prior appearance, he struggled with just minus-1 yard passing when substituting for Tyrod Taylor against the New York Jets. However, against the Raiders, DeVito showed marked improvement, completing 15 of 20 passes for 175 yards, including a touchdown pass, albeit with two interceptions.

The 2023 season has indeed been a nightmarish one for Jones and the Giants, a stark contrast to his signing of a lucrative four-year, $160 million contract just months ago. Jones, at the age of 26, had a challenging outing before leaving Sunday’s game due to this latest injury, managing just 4-of-9 passing for 25 yards. His statistics for the season are now at two touchdown passes and six interceptions in six games.

The locker room sentiment appears to acknowledge the difficult path that Jones may face on his journey back to the football field.

“It was just tough,” said wide receiver Wan’Dale Robinson, who also tore an ACL last season. “Seeing him already, kind of knew everything he had to go through with the neck, just feel like he couldn’t catch a break.”

The Giants, with a record of 2-7, are already dealing with the absence of backup quarterback Taylor, who was recently placed on injured reserve due to a rib cage injury, which will keep him out for a minimum of four games.

As a result, the team is left with just two healthy quarterbacks on the roster: Tommy DeVito and veteran Matt Barkley, the latter having been added to the Giants’ practice squad in the past week. Given Jones’ apparent long-term absence, the team is likely to consider bringing in another quarterback.

This unfortunate development is just the latest setback in a season that has been plagued by a seemingly never-ending series of challenges for the team.

“For him to come back from what he just came back from and then have an injury today, I just couldn’t think of a worse-case scenario for a guy,” Pugh said. “Just devastating. I hurt for him.”


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