J.R. Smith’s Wild Career and Gambling Passion

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J.R. Smith’s Wild Career and Gambling Passion

Even amidst heavy competition, J.R. Smith has had one of the craziest NBA careers in modern times. He has alternately delighted and dumbfounded his fans at every step of the way through his demeanor both on and off the court. In view of his almost 17-year career so far, we thought. It’d be fun to go over some of the more memorable moments in J.R. Smith’s one-of-a-kind life.

A Shooter’s Gotta Shoot

J.R. Smith was drafted by the New Orleans Hornets as the 18th pick in 2004 after foregoing college. This was back when the NBA still allowed high schoolers to come directly into the NBA, and J.R. Smith wasted no time in making his impact felt in the league. He was named as the Western Conference Rookie of the Month three times and finished third in the 2005 NBA Slam Dunk Contest.

However, Smith’s poor work ethic led to him getting cut from the Hornets next year. What followed was a 5-year stint on the Denver Nuggets, during which J.R. earned a reputation for being an unabashed gunner, someone who could shoot the lights out but also sometimes shoot his team out of the game. Nevertheless, his antics made him a beloved figure among Nuggets fans, even as he often drew the ire of his coaching staff. After the lockout-shortened 2011 season, J.R. Smith continued his career on the New York Knicks, teaming up with Amare Stoudamire and Carmelo Anthony and winning the Sixth Man of the Year award for his efforts. He also broke the NBA record of three-pointers taken during a game, which solidified his credentials as a pure shooter.

Next up, it was finally time for some championship glory, as J.R. Smith boarded the S.S. Lebron and won an NBA title with the Cleveland Cavaliers during the 2015-2016 season. The team had a chance to win another championship in the following years, but the Durant-Curry Warriors juggernaut was simply too overpowering for them. To make matters worse, J.R. Smith committed one of the NBA’s all-time blunders during Game 1 of the 2018 NBA finals, when he misjudged the score as being in the Cavaliers’ favor and thus held on to the ball instead of shooting. The Cavs went on to lose the game in overtime, and also lost the series 4-0. After a few Lebron-less seasons on the Cavaliers, J.R. rejoined his greatest teammate on the Los Angeles Lakers in 2019, winning another championship in his first year with the team. 

A Colorful Personality

Off the court, J.R. stood out just as much as on it. His no-shirt celebration after winning the NBA finals in 2016 has become iconic. 

Other than that, he was often seen trying his luck in various casinos across America. Much like Michael Jordan back in his heyday when he used to spend time playing poker and casino games, J.R. Smith seemed to prefer Atlantic City casinos where he also played Poker and Blackjack. Some might consider this as a problem, but every Blackjack, Poker, or Roulette aficionado out there’s been caught playing in a casino or a live game at the best online casino at least once, even NBA players. While some considered this a problem, many fans loved both Jordan’s and Smith’s competitive nature and love for the thrill of the game. Why judge it? 

Smith even had one anecdote dating back to 2010 that explained his gambling passion. He was the victim of a burglary, when robbers broke into his house and took off with a host of expensive watches, and other luxurious stuff. They also took the amount of approximately $15,000 kept in a suitcase, which he later referred to as ‘gambling money’. It can be difficult for a regular person to imagine someone has stacks like that that serve only for gambling. 

He also made headlines 10 years later when he fought off an attacker who had broken his truck with a skateboard.

At all times, J.R. was quite open about his life on social media. He sometimes posted NSFW content on his accounts, which occasionally led to him being fined by the NBA. And his running commentary on the conditions inside the NBA bubble of 2020 was hilarious and on-point, even as the league tried to silence him for exposing too much.

What Does the Future Hold for J.R. Smith?

With a 17-year career under his belt, it’s safe to say that J.R. Smith is approaching the twilight of his playing days. As of December 2020, he continues to be an active player for the Los Angeles Lakers and likely hopes to win another championship alongside Lebron.

While his best days as a player are likely behind him, with his personality J.R. Smith can look forward to a potentially lucrative post-NBA career, maybe something along the lines of what Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal have experienced. One thing’s for sure – the NBA probably won’t see another player like J.R. anytime soon.

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