Jack Grealish not great; fails to deliver

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Jack Grealish has been accused for not improving since his move from Aston Villa to Manchester City.

Manchester City winger Jack Grealish has been criticized by Graeme Souness due to his lack of delivery for the Etihad side.

Jack Grealish moved from Aston Villa to Manchester City in 2021 but has failed to live up to expectation providing only seven goals in 44 appearances in all competitions for the Premier League champions.

Souness, who spoke Grealish said the England international “is not a great player” and gets fouled a lot because he does “not see the picture quick enough”.

He said: “Jack Grealish is a good footballer. For me, he’s not a great player. He’s a good player who has got a big move and is yet to do it at Man City. At Aston Villa he was the most fouled player in the Premier League.

“You’re having too many touches if you’re the most fouled player, and the reason you’re having too many touches is you’re not seeing the picture quick enough.

“I understand why people think he’s better than he actually is because he runs with the ball, he gets you on the edge of your seat. But he doesn’t deliver enough.

“He doesn’t see the right picture and he doesn’t deliver it quick enough. If he was being a star every weekend, we would not be having this type of conversation about him.

“I thought Jack, every day at City, would be asked to (move the ball) quicker, deliver on what he sees quicker, but it’s not happened for him. I see the same Jack Grealish at City today as I saw at Aston Villa a couple of years ago.”

Grealish was called up to Gareth Southgate’s England squad for the upcoming Nations League fixtures – scored his first league goal of the season in the opening minute of City’s 3-0 win against Wolves on Saturday.

Grealish also had the backing of Guardiola prior to the victory over Wolves as the Spaniard publicly defended his player.

He admitted himself that he ‘should be scoring more’ after finally getting off the mark in the win at Molineux.




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